Funded Projects

  • PI: Chabalowski, C. Co-PIs; Mazzoleni, L.; Minakata, D.; Minerick, A.: Perlinger, J. Research Excellent Fund (REF) - Infrastructure Enhancement (IE): Acquisition of an Ion Chromatography System, 7/1/2014-8/31/2015, $58,977.
  • PI: Mazzoleni, L. Co-PIs: Minakata, D.; Cantrell, W.; Mazzoleni, C.; Shaw, R. Research Excellent Fund (REF) - Research Seed (RS): Isoprene Oxidation and Cloud Chemistry. 7/1/-2014-8/31/2015, $8,500.
  • PI: Minakata, D. Co-PI: Mark R. Rouleau. NSF-CBET-Environmental Engineering (CBET-1435926): Coupling Experimental and Theoretical Molecular-Level Investigations to Visualize the Fate of Degradation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Systems. 9/1/2014-8/31/2017, $330,000.
  • PI: Kamath, D (Ph.D. student) and Minakata, D (advisor). Advanced oxidation processes: experimental and theoretical investigation to predict the degradation fate of organic contaminants at water treatment plants. Fellowship from American Water Works Association (AWWA)-Michigan section. $2000 to Kamath and $1000 to Minakata. 2/1/2015-1/31/2016.
  • PI: Minakata, D. ORAU Ralph Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards: Coupling Experimental and Theoretical Molecular-Level Investigations into the Effect of Background Natural or Dissolver Organic Matter to the Fate of Degradation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes. 9/1/2015-8/31/2016, $10,000 ($5,000 from ORAU and $5,000 from costshare of CEE and CWS).
  • PI: Watkins, D. Co-PIs: Halvorsen, K.(MTU Public Policy); Agusdinata, B. (NIU); Fuentes, J. (PennState); Showom, R. (Rutgers). Senior Personnel: Minakata, D.; Schelley, C.; Seagren, E.A.; Wu, S. Coupled Production-Consumption Systems for Climate Change Mitigation: Designing Equitable Food, Energy, and Water Conservation Strategies. NSF Environmental Sustainability. Workshop. $47,200, 7/1/2015-12/31/2015. 
  • PI: Minakata, D. Association of Environmental Engineering Science Professional. Conference registration fee at AEESP Yale Univesity. 6/13-6/16/2015. $600 from Yale University. 
  • PI: Mazzoleni, L. Co-PIs: Minakata, D.; Kane, E.; Minerick, A. NSF MRI: Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research and Education. 10/01/2015-09/30/2017, $540,111 from NSF.
  • PI: Minakata, D. Pachifichem: UV photochemistry for water: Implications for safe water disinfection and oxidation treatment applications, conference travel fund by University of Colorado Boulder, $1,500 December, 2015.
  • PI: Howe, K. (University of New Mexico); Co-PI: Minakata, D. Predicting RO Removal of Toxicologically Relevant Unique Organics. WaterReuse Research Foundation. $300,000 ($225,000 from WRF funds and $75,000 from in-kind service). 1/1/2016- 
  • PI: David Watkins (MTU, CEE); Co-PIs: Buyung Agusdinata (ASU); Jenni-Louise Evans (PSU); Chelsea L Schelly (MTU, SS); Rachael L Shwom (Rutgers U); Senior personnel: Kathlleen Halvorsen (MTU SS); Robert Handler (MTU, CE); Charles Wallace (MTU, CC), Daisuke Minakata (MTU CEE); Jose D Fuentes (PSU); Timothy M Smith (UM Twin Cities); Elizbeth Wilson (UM Twin Cities); Cara Cuite (Rutgers) INFEWS/T3: Climate Change Mitigation via Reducing Household Food, Energy and Water Consumption: A Quantitative Analysis of Interventions and Impacts of Conservation. NSF, $2,983,358, 10/1/2016-9/31/2021.

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